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I didn't know what to expect at physical therapy due to watching other family members in various health situations where the customer service was lacking; and me being a trainer of customer service, I think it "pops" out at me (both the good and the bad).

Because of that I want to commend your team for exceptional service. A reception area can make or break customer impressions and the staff running the front desk was exceptional each time I visited.

I also wanted to commend the team on the floor that helped throughout the day. Everyone on your team I've come in contact with was friendly, alert, and ready to serve. True customer service at its best!

I can't thank you enough for the service provided. It's refreshing to see a team work cohesively--it's very rare these days to see an entire team with the same goals; to make their customers comfortable, happy, and motivated towards better health. Hats off to your leadership in picking an incredible bunch of people.

Kathy Eby: Excerpts from her thank you letter

How I've improved in physical therapy at Damon Anderson & Associates Physical Therapy:

  • I found I don't have to live with constant pain.
  • It is a learning process of how to help myself, empowering me to control my back and leg pain.
  • The attentive and caring treatment I received has improved my back and leg problems about 75-80 percent.
  • I am encouraged to do the recommended exercises because I have seen the benefits of consistent use of them.
  • I know I can get further information and help when necessary to live a more comfortable and active life.

Ramona Reitz

I came to Damon Anderson & Associates Physical Therapy because of severe, continuous back pain that made almost all movement from one position to another extremely painful. Rising from a sitting to standing position was slow and painful, getting dressed required assistance and lifting was out of the question. Since physical therapy with Damon Anderson & Associates Physical Therapy, I am now completely pain free and able to function normally. I also have a program of exercises to help maintain that condition. I am very pleased with the results of my physical therapy.

James Vaughn

The goal of Damon Anderson and Associates, as stated in the enclosed letter, is to provide patients with the best outpatient physical therapy care possible. I truly believe they succeeded in meeting that goal with their care of me! After my knee surgery, I could only walk short distances, very slowly and without much confidence. Even pedaling a bike was a slow process. After almost 4 months of excellent PT, I now can hike 2-1/2 hours up and down hills at Garland Park with no pain or twinges. I also can briskly walk up to 2 hours on flat trails and hard, sandy beaches, I now can also bike with ease. My deep appreciation is not only for the guidance and expertise but for all the fine employees and associates who made my visits, each and every time, a wonderful experience with their friendliness and encouragement.

Charlotte Roberts