Our Certified Personal Trainer

Brian Kiely / Trainer
+1 (831) 601-7300

Brian was raised in Pacific Grove, CA, and after getting his business degree at UOP (University of the Pacific) he moved to LA and got his personal training certification and began working at Equinox. After some time, Brian felt called back to his hometown, and brought his fitness experience, coaching, and expertise back in the form of a new business. He’s been running his business since 2015, and has now evolved it into “Soul Theory Fitness” which aims to serve men and women of the Monterey county, and transform them from the inside-out, by implementing his 3-Pillar Program. Brian is passionate about impacting people, and has built his business around a mission to deliver total mind, body, and spirit transformation through coaching, and help his clients create new healthy, enjoyable lifestyles that they can sustain.


  • Large Group Training

    Sessions range from 10-20 people depending upon the day and time, but it will never be more than 20. While receiving coaching, correction, and motivation from Brian, these sessions really capitalize on training as a group, and with accountability partners. The focus of these sessions is strength and conditioning, through safe, functional patterns and programming. Perfect for those who thrive in an environment of like-minded, goal-driven people.

  • Semi-Private Training

    For those needing the extra personalization of programming, connection with a coach, and desire more hands-on correction, SP sessions are great for people coming out of physical therapy, those who have never trained before, sport/event-specific training, or people that prefer more privacy and personalization.