Certified Personal Trainer

Calvin Miller Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Calvin Miller is a certified personal trainer who is passionate about helping people improve their health, physical fitness, and physical performance. His experience working with clients of all ages and physical abilities allows him to provide an effective bridge to higher levels of health and fitness as physical therapy patients transition from physical therapy treatment to physical fitness, physical performance, and health enhancement training. He is highly motivated to help his clients reach and maintain their health and fitness goals, no matter their level or ability.

Calvin competed at a high level of wrestling in a Division 1 NCAA at Cal-State Bakersfield—where he was a Greco-Roman National Finalist, finishing 2nd and was invited to the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center.

He has since expanded his recreational activities into surfing, hiking, biking, and running and is experienced in developing programs for those looking to improve their physical performance in golf, football, basketball, soccer, track and field, hiking, surfing, tennis, equestrian, etc.

He is excellent when working with clients post physical therapy, but his services are open to everyone. The cost is competitive with other personal training services in our area. Schedule a free consultation with Calvin to discuss your personal training needs and goals.